LOPEBLEEZY steps into the recording studio with casual confidence and greets me with his bright award-winning smile. Dressed in a ball cap and kick back fashion attire, we settle in on the grey sofa to talk about his songwriting process and his upcoming music release.

Chris Lopez, aka LOPEBLEEZY, is a self-defined flow artist, poet and rapper born and raised in Santa Ana, California. His debut project of five original songs reveals a powerful steady rap vocal style performed with grit, vigor and strong lyrical movement. Influenced by Tupac’s West Coast flavor and mighty 90’s rapper legendary Nate Dogg, LOPEBLEEZY blends his rap with hard hit street sensibilities and a comic flare that mirrors the stories of his homegrown upbringing. He talks to me about family stories, encouragement from mom and early musical development.

“I write about my roots, my home and my community with words being the most important things in my music. And I love concepts in music too. They give me an opportunity to write description. Pick anything. How someone even plays an instrument. I’ve seen a guitarist play with his teeth. There’s a story in that. Story is about connection and the chances to tell a story the way you see it. I think my best songs have story front and center” 

I wondered about his songwriting process.


“Since I’m a poet, I write free first.  But I have learned to move my poetry and storytelling into a beat, not ending my thoughts at the end of phrases. Like with Tupac, there is so much to say, so many stories to tell.  The art of rap is to weave your timing and beat through your poetry and move the story through as you edit.  I can visually see music, which is perfect for me, and how the beat moves over the words and how I can improve on everything I do.”

 I wondered about his tenacity in the toughness of the music industry.

“I like to go at my own speed. Make my own way. I always knew that if I put my full self into something, I was eventually going to finish it. It’s the competitive nature in me. I took that philosophy about music too. I experimented with the idea of doing it fully a long time ago and knew that if put my whole heart into something I could make things happen.  And it works. I knew, really knew, that eventually I will get to be a champion at whatever I decided to do. I don’t see that it might happen.  I see that it’s gonna happen. 

I ask, "So what’s your musical vision from this point forward?"

"To be prepared. At this stage, I’m forcing the push, forcing the release. I want to test myself and run full speed. It’s my time now”

Interviewer: L. M Arreguin




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